JCA - Change of School or Assignment Policy.pdf
JEA - Compulsary Attendance Age.pdf
JEB - School Entrance Requirements
JEB-E - School Entrance Requirements District Screening for Early Entrance to Grade 1.pdf
JEC - Manifest Educational Hardship.pdf
JECB-Exhibit - Residency Affadavit, Determining Residency.pdf
JFAB- Admission of Nonresident Students and Tuition.pdf
JFABD- Admission of Homeless Students.pdf
JFABD-R1 - Admission of Homeless Students.pdf
JFABD-R2 - Admission of Homeless Students.pdf
JFABD-R3 - Admission of Homeless Students.pdf
JG - Assignment of Students to Classes.pdf
JH - Student Excuses and Absences.pdf
JI - Student Rights & Responsibilities.pdf
JIB - Student Involvement in Decision-Making.pdf
JICA - Student Dress Code.pdf
JICD - Student Conduct, Discipline, & Due Process.pdf
JICD -R- Memorandum of Understanding.pdf
JICDD - Student Discipline - Out of School Actions.pdf
JICFA - Hazing.pdf
JICH-Student Substance Use.pdf
JICI - Dangerous Items and Weapons in the Schools.pdf
JICK - Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention Policy Bullying and Cyberbullying.pdf
JIHB - Searches of Student Automobiles on School Property.pdf
JJA - Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Programs.pdf
JJC - Student Performances.pdf
JJE - Fund Raising.pdf
JJF - Student Activity Fund Management.pdf
JJF-E - Student Activity Policy Statement and Agreemnt.pdf
JJG - Contests for Students.pdf
JJIB - Interscholastic Athletics.pdf
JKA - Corporal Punishment.pdf
JKAA - Use of Physical Restraint.pdf
JKAA-R--Procedures for the Use of Physical Restraint.pdf
JLA - Student Insurance Program.pdf
JLC - Student Health Services.pdf
JLCCA - Also IHMAC & GBGAA - HIV AIDS Policy.pdf
JLCD - Attachment 1 - Individual Medication Record.pdf
JLCD - Attachment 2 - Authorization for Medication Attachment.pdf
JLCD - School Health Services Medication Administration.pdf
JLCEA- Use of Automated External Defibrillator(s) (AED).pdf
JLCF - Student Wellness Policy.pdf
JLCJ - Concussions and Head Injuries.pdf
JLD - School Guidance and Counseling Program.pdf
JLDBA - Behavior Management and Intervention.pdf
JLF - Reporting Suspected Child Abuse.pdf
JLIE - Student Parking at Dover High School (2).pdf
JQ - Student Fees, Fines, and Charges.pdf
JQ-E - Student Reimbursement for School Property .pdf
JRA - Student Records.pdf