Edcamp 4/8/16

Welcome to Edcamp Dover!
On our 4/8/16 workshop day, Dover educators will participate in an Edcamp for Dover educators, by Dover educators.

The Schedule:
The schedule auto-updates every 5 minutes, it will lag a little in the morning as we build the schedule.  

This video is a great intro to the edcamp model - we'll only have two sessions on 4/8, but our format is the same.

An edcamp is an "un-conference", which means there are no set session topics and sessions are driven by participant interest.  The morning of edcamp, participants generate the schedule for the day and create sessions of interest to those attending.  

Some people worry that that if they suggest a topic, they have to be a presenter. Never fear - edcamp is about expertise, not experts.  If you facilitate a session, your responsibility is only to lead introductions, and ask a few questions of the group to get started.  After that, it's easy - the folks in your session will keep the conversation going with ideas, more questions, and sharing what works for them in their classroom.  

What if you end up in a session that you don't like?  You leave!  Edcamp runs with the "Law of Two Feet".  Perhaps a session was not what you expected, or the conversation took a turn that does not apply to you, or you're just not feeling it. Totally fine - it happens to all of us at conferences.  You just find a new session that meets your needs.  

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